Hi, I am Jussi Mäki...

...and I live in Pori, Finland. 

 Jussi is very traditional Finnish name.

I am 44 years old, father of two sons and one lovely bonus daughter. I am married to Johanna, my partner in crime I love spending time with my family.

Motorcycles are my passion, otherwise I'm pretty straight forward guy. My bike adventures are the solid "me-time or us-time" and I keep saying to myself that the best bike adventure is always the next one. The other hobby of mine is photography and I find it also very relaxing.

As a riding instructor my goal is to help other to be more safe on the road and to enjoy the fullest with their own bikes.

I'm the chair / president of local mc-club and there we concentrate on touring, training and charity events: 

For this winter more than normally, due to Covid it´s been almost therapy for me to put some memories on "paper".

It´s in Finnish and the google translate is rubbish


Instagram: jussimaki



Podcast sneak preview: 03:26 min.

Jussi is one fine motorcycle gentleman, a loving father and husband. You want to find our more about him? In this podcast he invites you to stop by when riding through Finland!