Are you ready to Throttle???

Then come on inside!

Our new monthly podcast features biker stories from around the world

GRAVELTALK is our brand new podcast from bikers for bikers and for those who would like to find out more about this very special group of people. Have you ever wondered

  • why bikers like to ride for hours and hours on most uncomfortable motorcycle seats?
  • why they like to sleep in tiny little tents in the midst of severe thunderstorms?
  • why they adore canned food cuisine?
  • And what is all this waving their left hands at each other about - don't they have any friends? They sure do!

Listen to biker stories from around the world and you will soon find out why the biker community - everywhere around the globe - is such a special one.  

Would you like to be featured on our podcast?

If you have some great biker stories to tell and would like to share them on GRAVELTALK just drop us a note! Tell us who you are, why and where you like to ride your motorcycle and what you have experienced on the road so far. 

Or maybe you know someone who you believe should appear on this program - just let us know why the world needs to hear her or his stories.


Contact us now:  info(at)


The funnier and the more detailed the better. Pics are also welcome!


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